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Claussen Pickle Company (KraftHeinz)

Claussen Pickle Company (KraftHeinz)


About Us

A pickle is a funny thing to perfect, but in 1870, when Claus Claussen
found himself with too many cucumbers and a crazy idea,
you could say the pickle picked him.

Ninety years later, Claus’ great-grandson Edward Claussen had the
bold idea of refrigerating pickles for the best crunch and with that
Claussen staked their place as the Original Refrigerated Pickle, also
known as the O.P.

From a simple barrel of cucumbers 150 years ago to your lunch today,
our pickles pack a crunch that can’t be beat.


  • 1870 C. F. Claussen & Sons Company is Founded in Chicago
  • 1976 Claussen moves from Chicago to Woodstock
  • 1976 Claussen moves from Chicago to Woodstock
  • 2003 Introduced all Natural products.
  • 2020 Addtion of large format line.


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