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About Us

At Hibbs Law, LLC we are passionate about making a positive impact on our community through the practice of law. Our primary focus is providing intellectual property, health law, and business law needs to the individual and small business owner.
Genna is a multi-faceted professional, with small-business roots and a background in both hard science and research/writing.
Returning to the Midwest in 2011, Genna chose the Chicago area to establish her legal career. She has fallen in love with the regional diversity, passion, and pride for supporting local businesses. She also discovered a need for affordable intellectual property and commercial legal services, specifically tailored to small business owners and individuals. On January 1st, 2013, Hibbs Law, LLC was formed.
Since formation, Hibbs Law, LLC has registered trademarks and copyrights, handled TTAB proceedings, assisted entrepreneurs through entity formation, drafted a range of agreements, advised small business owners in maintaining and enforcing their intellectual property, navigated FDA regulatory compliance for medical device manufacturers and HIPPA compliance for health care providers, litigated federal infringement actions for, negotiated settlements and licenses, and acquired registration as a patent attorney. At every turn, Genna’s experiences have been met with satisfaction by her clients, approval by her peers and mentors, and a sense of accomplishment personally and professionally.

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